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Linux on UltraSPARC

Java on SparcLinux (Blackdown JDK)

brickOS - OS for the Lego RCX

x48 - HP48 emulator

x49gp - HP49g+/HP50g emulator



Software for HP Calculators

The Museum of HP Calculators

Christian Wendt




Kreuzer-Abteilung des DSV
Radarplot Program Radarplot

Mini Transat 2009 - Movies

A.T.T. Tide Calculator 1997 and 2005

Bergen Törn 2003 - Photos

Blaues Band vom Rursee 2003 - Photos

BSH Small-craft charts (with updating-service):
North Sea and Baltic Sea

Rursee: water level, windfinder, windguru, wetter online

On german TV


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